Do Artists Earn a Living Wage?

The Creative Independent is published by Kickstarter as an educational resource for creatives.

Violent Crime Continues to Plummet with Exceptions

Violent crime rates over the last thirty years have plummeted, according to a new study from the Brennan Center for Justice at the New York University School of Law.

The Future of Retail: Identity, Payments, & User Experience

The retail industry has had one of the most inconsistent recoveries since the Great Recession of 2008.

The State of Black Demographics and Wealth Ownership

Black Demographics is an organization dedicated to African American population data in the United States.

Declining Investment and Trust in American Decentralization

Senator Marco Rubio released a report titled: American Investment in the 21st Century: Project for Strong Labor Markets and National Development.

GLAAD’s Studio Responsibility Index

More organizations champion the importance of representation in mass media. Portrayals in mass media influence the public image. If the portrayal is negative, then so too is the public image associated with...

Politics and Competition: Report on the American Duopoly Serving the Public Interest

In 2017, famed Harvard Economist Michael Porter weighed in on American’s political dysfunction with a report, co-authored with Katherine Gehl, called Why Competition in the Politics Industry is Failing America.

Internet Advertising State of the Industry Reports

PubMatic provides digital advertising products including ad marketplaces. cloud services, media buyer consoles, and other digital advertising related products.

The Inter-connectivity between Real Estate and Innovation

JLL Real Estate recently published a report outlining how characteristics associated with innovation offer resiliency for major metro real estate markets.

Property Tax by County Data

According to the Tax Foundation, property taxes comprise the largest source of state and local tax collections at 31.3 percent in the fiscal year 2013.