CBRE’s The Future of Retail 2030


BRE’s Future of Retail 2030 report contextualizes retail in the economy of 2030. The authors envision an economy in 2030 that is hyperlocal, automated, bespoke, and artisanal. The authors articulate a retail economy where ownership is largely independent, and retail experiences utilize tech such as 3-D printing.

Highlighted characteristics of retail in 2030

  • 3-D printing’s on-demand impact on retail.
  • Storefronts will be virtual after hours.
  • Trust and transparency will become objective and measurable.
  • A dynamic shift will occur in how goods are produced.
    • There will be a return of on-shoring for a number of manufacturing processes.
  • Delivery will be when and where you want it –without you even realizing it.
  • There will be a Resurgence of Local Markets and Experiences.
  • The Sharing Economy will be Commonplace.
  • Flexible Lease Structures will be far more common.
  • The Focus of Gas Stations Globally will shift as they become important mini-logistics hubs.
  • Independent stores and food and beverage operators will be more prevalent.
  • Retail will be leisure.    
  • There is a growing trend towards having traditional retail, food, beverage, cinemas, bowling, ice skating, etc. all available within one environment.

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