Annenberg Foundation and Time’s Up – Gender and Race in Film 2015-2017


A report sponsored by the Annenberg Foundation and Time’s Up explores race and gender in film critics. The report finds that white men still make up a disproportionate share of film critics. The lack of diversity leads to an industry that prioritizes themes, talents, and abilities that appeal to only the white male perspective.

The report states: “The ratio of White Male Top Critic’s Reviews to Underrepresented Female Top Critic’s Reviews Across 300 Top Films is Nearly 31 to 1.”  Key statistics included in the report are the following: 

  • Disparities in Critics’ Representation by Film Distributor
  • Impact of a Critic’s Identity on Film Reviews
  • Critic Representation by Publication Type
  • Film Reviews Written by Underrepresented Female Writers
  • Movie Reviews by Gender and Race/Ethnicity

Among the key takeaways of the research are that there has not been a more diverse improvement of reviewer representation over time and that this is an industry problem as exemplified by the fact that all distributors and publications perpetuate a lack of representation. 

Often overlooked in media is the power that gatekeepers hold within the industry. The report rightly looks at a key gatekeeper, the film critic, to shed light on representation. 


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