Consumers International Annual Report 2017


Consumers International is an organization of 200 consumer protection organizations across 100 countries to promote consumer rights and education. The organization was founded in 1960 as a not-for-profit.

The organization states the following achievements during the 2017 year:

  • Representation of members at United Nations, the International Standard’s Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, the International Consumer Protection Enforcement Network.
  • Convened the first ever G20 Consumer Summit inMarch as part of the World Consumer Rights Day 2017.
  •  Developed an Internet of Things consumer advocacy framework.
  • Produced research into consumer rights advocacy and digital society.
  • Participated in UNCTAD e-commerce week.
  • Produce a report ‘Banking on the future: an exploration of FinTech and the consumer interest.’
  • Adopted MOU with Food and Agricultural Organization to share information and opportunities.
  • Co-hosted a workshop in Argentina on product safety.
  • Co-lead of the United Nations’ 10-year framework programme on consumer information for sustainable consumption.

Financial Review

The organization had a 2017 income of 2,957,042 pounds. The 2016 income was 3,149,360 pounds. The organization is funded largely by member organizations.

The Consumers International Digital Index

Consumers International recently launched a monitor of digital policy that impacts consumers. The Digital Index is stated as ‘a collection of digital policies and initiatives from different countries that aim to protect and empower consumers in the digital world.’ 

The Index has filters by ‘category,’ ‘country,’ and ‘type.’ The type is an interesting filter as you can search by consumer initiatives in various regions. For example, I found an initiative in Belgium called ‘Trop-Vite-Use,’ which allows consumers to input information about the products they feel became defective too soon. 

The Index also provides a form for users to input policies. 

One can find the Index here: 


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