The NDIA’s Worst Connected Cities is fairly straightforward. The report measures the total households within the City, the number of households with no internet access, and the percentage of households with no internet access. 

Surprisingly, cities large and small disgrace the worst 25 list. Large cities including Philadelphia, Miami, and Milwaukee are on the list along with small to mid-size cities such as Laredo, Texas, and Kansas City, Kansas. 

Individuals visiting the website can also view the complete rankings

About the Author

The National Digital Inclusion Alliances is a dynamic advocacy organization dedicated to broadband access, and personal devices and local technology training and support. The group offers a number of different programs including:  

Digital Trailblazers

The NDIA also promotes digital trailblazers which is a survey of municipalities and their commitment to digital inclusion. The survey asks the municipality the following questions: 

  • Full-time digital inclusion staff? 
  • Leads a community Digital Inclusion planning process? 
  • Is active in a local Digital inclusion coalition? 
  • Conduct own research on residents’ Internet access and use? 
  • Funds community Digital Inclusion programs? 
  • Funds public access computer labs? 
  • Supports a community wireless network for residential areas? 
  • Provides discount Internet service for low-income households?