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In February 2019, the Information, Technology, and Innovation Foundation published the Tech Policy To-Do List, a comprehensive outline of specific policy proposals that the Federal Government should implement. The to-do list spans innovation and competitiveness, IT and data, broadband telecommunications, trade and globalization, and clean energy innovation.

Some of our favorite policy recommendations include:

  1. “Transforming the Small Business Administration into the New Business Administration.” The SBA is currently not optimized to deliver resources to startup firms. They are optimized for existing small businesses. Changing the focus of the organization might improve their ability to serve startup firms.
  2. “Congress should create a commission to identify mechanisms to combat corporate short-termism and promote long-term investment and innovation.” This is a long-standing issue with the decline of IPOs.
  3. “Congress should establish a GI Bill for entrepreneurship.” Agreed! Providing funding for veterans, woman and monitories, or other groups who might not have the up-front resources to start a business is crucial to opening access.
  4. “Congress should create manufacturing reinvestment accounts for small to mid-size enterprises.” These accounts would act as 401K investment programs so that small to mid-size manufacturers could make tax-deferred investments for R&D, workforce training, or capital equipment. Small to mid-size manufacturing is a backbone to the American economy. Globalization and innovation have radically impacted the ability for small to mid-size manufacturers to remain competitive. Yet many owner-operators of these firms are gritty, talented, and some of the most capable individuals to identify opportunities within the manufacturing supply chain.
  5. “Congress should require all Federal agencies that discover security flaws to disclose them in a timeline manner and work with private industry to fix them.” Many small firms are ground-zero for cyber attacks. NIST recently updated their cybersecurity framework. Improving cybersecurity disclosure could help remediate the potential impact of cybercrime on the DoD supply chain.
  6. “The White House should establish a national IoT strategy.” As the Internet of Thing becomes integral to the function of cities The White House should take leadership over IoT deployment.

Benton and The Technology Policy Institute

The Technology Policy Institute focuses on the economics of innovation, technological change, and related regulation in the United States. Recently policy paper topics include privacyAI, Blockchain, music licensing, and anti-trust.

One of the best newsletters for technology policy is distributed by the Benton Foundation. The Benton Foundation is a non-partisan think-tank that advocates for open andhigh capacity Broadband for all residents in the United States.