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Startup Blink released an update to their 2018 Global Ecosystem Rankings. In 2019’s version, the methodology doesn’t stray too far from last. The group monitors the quality and quantity of startups and business environment.

Some metrics are novel such as the quality of a startup’s performance. This metric uses website analytics to gauge the firm’s digital capability. For this year’s release, Startup Blink onboarded key partners including CrunchBase,, and Coworker.

The Startup Blink scope is impressive. The report collects data at the national level, but also drills down into the ecosystems in major cities. The ranking system is extensive.

Considering Startup Blink’s 2019 report, let’s take a quick survey of startup and entrepreneurship indices and reports.

Startup Indices and Reports

First Round Capital, a PA-based VC firm, publishes an annual State of the Startups. The report is a survey of founders that includes over 65 questions. The questions range from age bias to the perception of big-tech, to the future of the tech startup world.

One question asks: are we in a bubble for technology companies? 32.5% of respondents say yes and its close to popping. Only 38.5% answered no.

First Round Capital’s State of the Startups report is a fun annual look at startups from the view of the founders.

The Kauffman Foundation provides several indicators for early stage entrepreneurship. The 2017 report on early-stage entrepreneurship was published this past February. The report looks at the following indicators:

  • Rate of New Entrepreneurs
  • Opportunity Share of New Entrepreneurs
  • Startup Job Creation
  • Startup Survival Rate
  • The KESE Index that applies these indicators to the State level.

The Center for American Entrepreneurship publishes America’s rising startup communities that mainly focuses on capital concentration in major metros. We wrote about a sister study in a previous article.

Startup Genome offers The Global Ecosystem Report. The report captures the industry make-up of startup ecosystems and provides rigorous analyses of both industry ecosystems like Blockchains, AI, Cybersecurity and City ecosystems. City indicators look at the types of founders in metros, the founder’s mindset, and other City demographics.