The Department of Commerce reports that 40% of 25.6 million non-North American leisure tourists to the USA in 2016 visited a national park. Two reports capture varying aspects of outdoor recreation’s impact on the American economy and social fabric.

American Recreation Coalition’s Outdoor Recreation Outlook 2018 offers a look at the economic and cultural impact of outdoor recreation.

Park Statistics include the number of visitors (791 million in 2016), number of campsites (241,000), State and Federal recreation areas visitor share (29%).

RV-Sales are a significant employer with 289,852 full-time jobs. 104 million American households own an RV. The report also outlines the impact of fishing, boating, camping, skiing, snowmobiling, and adventure sports.

The report also includes statistics about the cultural impact of outdoor recreation. realizes significant website traffic each year at about 344 million page views.

The Outdoor Foundation’s 2018 Outdoor Recreation Participation Report focuses on American participation in outdoor recreational activities. The report identifies how many individuals participated in outdoor recreational activities (146.1 million), total outdoor outings (10.9 billion), and indicators associated with the diversity of outdoor participants.

Outdoor participation is trending consistently at about half of the American population over the age of 6. Below is a ranking of the popularity of each outdoor activity:

  • Running, Jogging, and Trail Running (19% of Americans; 55.9 Million participants).
  • Freshwater, Saltwater, and Fly Fishing (17% of Americans; 49.1 Million participants).
  • Road Biking, Mountain Biking and BMX (16% of Americans; 47.5 Million participants).
  • Hiking (15% of Americans; 44.9 Million participants).
  • Car, Backyard, Backpacking and RV Camping (14% of Americans; 41.8 Million participants).

Other indicators include an individual’s number of activities, time spent outdoors, activities by age and gender, motivation, activity popularity by ethnic groups, and many others.