CB Insights published a report on the fifty that industries could be transformed by Blockchain.

Some of the more interesting examples include the following:

  • Hedge Funds: Numerai is a decentralized analyst platform powered by the Blockchain. Analysts build predictive models then the platform synthesizes those models. The best models are rewarded with the cryptocurrency Numerai.
  • Consulting and Forecasting: A firm called Auger allows users to make predictions about current events, similar to PredictIt.
  • Insurance: A major trend in insurance is micro-insurance, the ability for insurers to provide insurance policies for specific situations. Blockchain can enable these transactions by facilitating specific insurance for the sharing economy.
  • Inheritance: Blockchain can empower and automate filings and claims through automatic updates of the Governments “Deaths Master File.” Foreseeable individuals can establish the distribution of assets to relatives when the File is updated.

Blockchain Industry Reports


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