PubMatic provides digital advertising products including ad marketplaces. cloud services, media buyer consoles, and other digital advertising related products.

PubMatic monitors 13 trillion monthly advertiser bids to derive mobile advertising data and trends.

Key Trends include:

  • Advertising spending growth is accelerating.
  • In-app header bidding most popular.
  • Advertisers using more private marketplace for Android delivery.

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Other insightful digital adverting reports include:

Key Takeaways include:

  • Projected U.S. Digital Ad Spend through 2021 is $129.26 billion and surpass 50% of the U.S. advertising market share.
  • Rankings of digital advertising spend per country.
  • Digital video saw $16.3 billion in revenue, increasing 37% from prior year.
  • Internet Advertising revenue and video games grew by 21.8% and 9.7% respectively from 2017-2018 while all other channels saw low single digital growth.