More organizations champion the importance of representation in mass media. Portrayals in mass media influence the public image. If the portrayal is negative, then so too is the public image associated with the particular social group.

GLAAD is a media monitoring organization for inclusion that published the Studio Responsibility Index to measure LGBTQ representation. GLAAD’s report finds some improvement in 2018, but generally a lack of LGBTQ inclusion:

  • 18.2 percent total include LGBTQ characters were distributed as major studio releases, up to 20 in 2018 from 14 in 2017.
  • Major failing is the lack of transgender characters.
  • More than half of all LGBTQ characters had under three minutes of screen time.

GLAAD applies the Vito Russo Test, a test like the Bechdel Test that measures the inclusion of LGBTQ characters in a film. The Vito Russo Test analyzes each film for inclusion of LGBTQ characters.

The major studios lag in LGBTQ inclusion, and of all the 110 major studio films did not include a single transgender character.

The report further explores individual film releases across the major studios.  


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