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The World Bank Annual Report 2017

The World Bank provides financial products and technical assistance to developing countries. The organization has two goals and three priority areas: Goals

Capital is a Marketplace

When we think of capital, a few things come to mind. We think of a one-off investment, the means of production, or high finance such as Wall Street. We think of...

State of Remote Work 2017

OWL Labs and TINYpulse released the State of Remote Work 2017 report. The report looks at the following characteristics of remote work: Remote work by business...

World Economic Forum Annual Report 2017-2018

The World Economic Forum is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. According to the Forum's website, it is independent and founded with the mission to shape global, regional, and industry agendas. 

CBRE’s Annual Tech-30 (2017)

The Tech-30 compiles data related to the intersection of the Tech Industry and Real Estate Markets in larger metros. Key Questions asked are the following: How is...

Social Impact Bonds since 2010

SocialFinance.Org provides a report on Social Impact Bonds since 2010. The report aims to take stock of the “Early years” of social impact bonds. The report looks at qualitative data associated...

Human Rights Campaign: 2018 Corporate Equality Index

The Human Rights Campaign releases the annual Corporate Equality Index report. The report starts off on a somber note as President Chad Griffin outlines how the highest levels of government have...

Summary of the Inclusive Internet Index 2018

When we hear “Facebook,” we often associate the app/website with a newsfeed full of brash political opinions, adorable dog videos, and ludicrous memes. All that clickbait makes it easy to forget...

CompTIA Cyberstates 2018

The CompTIA Cyberstates report quantifies tech sector employment and economic impact across the State and metro levels. The report includes an interactive web tool for users to run specific...

The State of Black Demographics and Wealth Ownership

Black Demographics is an organization dedicated to African American population data in the United States.

Distribution of Geographic Inequality

Image Source: Economic Innovation Group The infrastructure needed to establish an inclusive distribution of creative and innovation-based labor has not...