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Equality & Inclusion

Equality and inclusion is an important aspect of healthy economies and businesses. Read recent news and data on economic initiatives to nurture equality and inclusion in economic society.

Media Tenor and the Diffusion of Awareness

In this summary, we chronicle two reports related to media and public awareness. Both reports are conducted by Media Tenor, founded by Roland Schatz who is an expert in media content analysis and referenced in the book The Revolt of the Public and Crisis of Authority in the New Millennium.

National Digital Inclusion Alliance’s Worst Connected Cities 2017

The NDIA's Worst Connected Cities is fairly straightforward. The report measures the total households within the City, the number of households with no internet access, and the percentage of...

Annenberg Foundation and Time’s Up – Gender and Race in Film 2015-2017

A report sponsored by the Annenberg Foundation and Time's Up explores race and gender in film critics. The report finds that white men still make up a disproportionate share of film...

Distribution of Geographic Inequality

Image Source: Economic Innovation Group The infrastructure needed to establish an inclusive distribution of creative and innovation-based labor has not...