New Data for the New Economy

Several firms offer social network analysis and mapping tools. Social network theory is important as a dominant logic of the new economy.

Financial Stability in 2019: Policy Recommendations from the IMF

In April, the International Monetary Fund released the Global Financial Stability Report: Vulnerabilities in a Maturing Credit Cycle.

Two Reports Explore Outdoor Recreation in the U.S.

The Department of Commerce reports that 40% of 25.6 million non-North American leisure tourists to the USA in 2016 visited a national park.

Post-Financial Crisis Paper: Finance for a Fair Economy

A paper released by the Americans for Financial Reform suggests numerous reforms to ensure a safe and equitable financial system, especially in the face of future recessions or crises.

Survey of Startup, Entrepreneurship, and Innovation Indices and Reports

Startup Blink released an update to their 2018 Global Ecosystem Rankings.

National Gentrification and Displacement Map by Census Tract

In yesterday’s article, we examined research on gentrification and racial displacement.

Gentrification Research Across U.S. Census Tracts

The National Community Reinvestment Coalition published comprehensive gentrification research across first and second tier metros in the United States.

Statistics to Understand Student Loan Debt

Student loans in America have significant negative consequences including a cost to the Federal Government and psychological effects on student borrowers.

Craft Brewers in the Face of Monopoly Power

Two craft brewers recently released industry data. Craft brewers continue to grow in the face of their corporate rivals.

Pennsylvania Trends in Hamilton’s Prosperity Index

Hamilton’s Regional Prosperity Index measure county-level economic and social wellbeing.

Distribution of Geographic Inequality

Image Source: Economic Innovation Group The infrastructure needed to establish an inclusive distribution of creative and innovation-based labor has not...