Post-Financial Crisis Paper: Finance for a Fair Economy

A paper released by the Americans for Financial Reform suggests numerous reforms to ensure a safe and equitable financial system, especially in the face of future recessions or crises.

Survey of Startup, Entrepreneurship, and Innovation Indices and Reports

Startup Blink released an update to their 2018 Global Ecosystem Rankings.

National Gentrification and Displacement Map by Census Tract

In yesterday’s article, we examined research on gentrification and racial displacement.

Gentrification Research Across U.S. Census Tracts

The National Community Reinvestment Coalition published comprehensive gentrification research across first and second tier metros in the United States.

Statistics to Understand Student Loan Debt

Student loans in America have significant negative consequences including a cost to the Federal Government and psychological effects on student borrowers.

Craft Brewers in the Face of Monopoly Power

Two craft brewers recently released industry data. Craft brewers continue to grow in the face of their corporate rivals.

Pennsylvania Trends in Hamilton’s Prosperity Index

Hamilton’s Regional Prosperity Index measure county-level economic and social wellbeing.

European Union’s Digital Single Market Articles 11 and 13

Articles 11 and 13 received much if not all of the press surrounding the Digital Single Market directive.

Energy Infrastructure and Electricity Costs

The World Economic Forum released The Fostering Effective Energy Transition Index.

Media Tenor and the Diffusion of Awareness

In this summary, we chronicle two reports related to media and public awareness. Both reports are conducted by Media Tenor, founded by Roland Schatz who is an expert in media content analysis and referenced in the book The Revolt of the Public and Crisis of Authority in the New Millennium.